Monday, February 28, 2011


I am typing this from a tiny cafe next to the longest, flattest, driest stretch of highway I have ever had the misfortune to be on. I'm so desperate for coffee I just sucked the grounds out of a filter. You guessed it: I'm on another Challenge. It involves a tent, food you have to eat out of a can, no internet access*, and my possibly-soon-to-be-ex boyfriend. We ran out of CDs over a week ago. My hair has decided to try and fuse itself into a single solid red dreadlock. I have sunburn in places that I didn't think could get sunburnt. And I only took three books with me and have resorted to reading maps with feverish intent. Said boyfriend thinks it means I'm taking an interest. It actually means I'm looking for escape routes.

From my rudimentary calculations, we're 34 30' S/144 50' E. If you are in the area, look for a dishevelled redhead with coffee grounds on her face.


* My recent blog silence has not been by choice; trust me.