Monday, September 27, 2010

Just add yeast

You're probably thinking that I'm posting this at 7 am because I've been out all night. Surprise -- I'm actually up. After being asleep. Like a normal person, apparently.

Don't get too excited; it's part of an experiment. Anise -- aided and abetted by my parents* -- has begun a pet project called Ruby II: The Improvening. (Originally it was called The Bettening, but then she said it sounded like she was going to set me up to fail at a bunch of stuff. Personally, I haven't decided which name is going to be more appropriate. And I think The Improvening makes me sound like some kind of bread.)

One part of Ruby II: The Breadening involves me going to bed before midnight and getting up before midday, as I have been told that my sleeping arrangements of the past ten weeks are unhealthy. The same kind of unhealthy as eating pretzels for dinner or having a three-course breakfast where all three courses are ice cream. So here I am. Up. In the morning.

How this is supposed to improve my character, I don't know.

Anise says I'll feel much better about myself soon, and I'll end up being more productive and blah bliddy blah. This would be useful if I had, oh, I don't know, A JOB. But as I'm post-Empire (and still in recovery), all that getting up early has done so far is mean I have even more hours to reflect on all the things that shouldn't have happened to me over the past few months.

I shouldn't worry so much. I'll try to be more positive. Besides, I think Being Positive is also on The Improvening List that Anise is wielding. (She won't let me see the rest of it, but I got a glimpse. It's long. We're talking looooong. Plus I'm fairly sure I saw the word 'jog' on it. Kill me now.)

* I have not yet decided what the punishment will be for my parents' involvement in this. I am open to suggestions.