Saturday, July 3, 2010

Doctor status: fat

Did I tell you how my parents over-feed my cat? If they have him for a couple of days, he usually comes back with a new chin. This time, he was with them for a few weeks, and, as a result, now resembles a small beer keg. It's amazing I can see his legs at all. I think he also gets in-between-meal snacks if Mum and Dad are feeling anxious or upset. And they were, so... hence my now-enormous cat. Anyone got any diet tips? I tried putting his food on high surfaces so he had to do some exercise to reach it, but then he fell off the top of the stereo and I felt bad. And then I gave him extra food. Ruby: the enabler.

I'm back, by the way. This is no longer Dad. (Thank you, father, for alarming my guests with your presence.) Where was I? For those of you who saw something about the Empire in the paper, no further explanation will be necessary. For those of you who did not, let's just say work became all-consuming for a while. But it's over now.

Well, it's not entirely over. I don't know how to explain it. I'm trying to put the pieces together but some things still don't want to fit. Anise said I look different. I checked in the mirror: not really. The difference to me is all internal. But I think I'm getting better. I feel better.

I feel better.

I do.


  1. Hi, Ruby. I was put onto your blog by a good friend of mine, so no, you don't know me. However I'm loving your blend of humour, so I think I'll become a fan.

    I'm loving your Dad's ideas on life, particularly the interest in the puffy sleeves phenomenon. My own Dad has some quite similar qualities, only his current favourite musings focuses more on the question of why young girls have messy hair these days. Why? He asks, with a slight tremble to his 74yo bass. It's not a style! It's just a lack of hygiene!

    Of course, this is also from the man who believes that the human body's need for about eight glasses of water a day is an old wives tale, so I don't tend to take his views too seriously.

    Thanks for giving me a laugh, Ruby. I'm looking forward to more life stories in the near future.

  2. From one Ruby to another - loving your adventures in your book - it is making me feel quasi normal.

    Butterfly kisses

  3. Thanks, guys. You've made a bad day into a good one.

    It's also nice to know that my dad is not the only insane one out there. (Let's not get started on his concept that people need to be on a different evolutionary plane to properly appreciate jazz. I still don't know if this includes him or not.)